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How to Move Your Coaching Practice Online

Telecoaching is a secure software platform that lets you stay connected to your clients from virtually anywhere.

People have become open to technology-based solutions and this technology is especially appealing to younger populations as they are more receptive to technology-based services.

Flexible and Timely Care

Telecoaching allows you to work from home, while traveling, or serve clients who can’t come to your physical practice. Clients can sometimes only see you during unconventional hours, on weekends, or may be prevented from coming to your office for various reasons.

This allows you to set your hours of operation or work from any location. Being able to access care in a timely and flexible way makes a positive difference in client outcomes.

Reduced Cancellations and No-Shows

Losing appointments can add up to a significant loss of revenue over one year. Telecoaching allows you to reschedule right away to reduce missed appointments. This protects your revenue and ensures clients receive the consistent service they need.

Proactive Forward-Thinking Practice

Many coaches want to create a modern, competitive practice. Telecoaching allows them to be proactive instead of reactive to new modes of contact. This technology is approaching mainstream adoption and every practice is going to need to implement it to some degree.

Retain Clients After Location or Schedule Changes

There’s nothing more difficult for a client than having to start over. Telecoaching allows you to keep clients if they must change locations or schedules. 

If you’re licensed in the state your client lives in, you can treat them virtually from any location. Being able to adapt to any of these changes also increases accountability for the client. When you can have sessions from nearly any time or location, there are fewer reasons to not show up for an appointment.

Features of Tele-Counseling

At Coaching Websites, we provide this technology through our Tele-Coaching platform – a secure telecoaching video counseling platform. It gives you the ability to interact with clients from virtually anywhere.

  • E-Sign Documents: Easily send PDFs to your clients that can be signed online without ever having to print out a form. Once the document is signed, it will be stored in a secure portal and can be sent back to you by your client.
  • Credit Card Processing: Collect payments securely and easily through the portal as soon as a session has been booked.
  • Online Scheduling: Allow your clients to view available appointment times and book sessions online. All of your appointments will appear on the same calendar.
  • Email and SMS/Text Reminders: These notifications are sent automatically giving you peace of mind knowing that your clients are being reminded of upcoming appointments.

Thinking About Telecoaching?

If so, Coaching Websites is here to help. Our customer care team would love to schedule a quick call with you to talk about what we can do to support your practice and get you up and running quickly.


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