As simple as it is may seem, basic contact information is often is overlooked on business websites and profile listings. The most important information can be summed up in: NAP.

Unfortunately, this doesn’t refer to the standard meaning of the word “nap.” We’re using some industry jargon; NAP: company’s name, address, and phone number.

We’ve talked to people who complained nobody contacted them through their website, only to see the website had no contact information!

A more common issue is that the NAP information is provided, but not consistently across all online profiles. Not using consistent NAP information can create variations of a business’ online identity, which makes it harder, in some cases impossible, for search engines and other sources to verify your information.

Ensuring that your business is easy to search for is especially crucial in this day and age, with so many businesses in so many databases.

Let’s look over the most important elements of your contact information that must be present anywhere you have an online profile.