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How to Grow Your Business in High-Competition Areas

By: Jim Rogers

A successful business depends on a steady stream of new clients. Attracting new clients can be difficult and not always intuitive.

Growing your business in an area of high-competition is even more difficult.

Here are a few ways you can get the word out and attract a steady stream of new clients. Do these and you’ll be doing more than many other businesses.

Build a Professional Business Website

No matter how clients find you, the journey almost always ends on your website. And not any website will do these days.

A professional who specializes in healthcare should build your website. Most of what goes into web design isn’t the graphics and everything that looks nice. It’s the code in the background that no one sees.

You want your website to rank higher in search engines like Google. In order for it to rank well, the designer must optimize the background code for search engines.

Additionally, more people now use the web on mobile devices (like smartphones). Sales for standard computers, like desktops and laptops, have declined for a while now.

Because of this, your website must use responsive web design. Responsive web design will make sure that your website works on any device. Websites that aren’t responsive are frustrating to use on a mobile device, sending visitors somewhere else.

Boost Your Search Engine Rankings

As we said, if you’re not showing up in search engines, you might as well be invisible.

It’s not enough to have a website. Your clients have to be able to find your website when they search for you. You can speed-up the process by manually submitting your website to search engines.

To make sure your website is optimized to be found on search engines, you’ll want to make sure all the parts are in order. This includes tags in the code, vital contact information, and keyword research.

Clients like Social Media

Many clients use social media to get referrals from friends and family. Or read reviews about a business they are considering. Clients and consumers now expect a business to have a social media presence.

You can do social media on your own. But managing a social media page usually takes 6 – 12 hours a week. Having a professionally managed social media page can help you focus on your clients.

Show up Where They’re Already Looking
Being listed in local directories makes sure that you show up to new clients at the most opportune time – when they already want what you have to offer.

List your business in as many relevant online directories as possible. This will make your business more visible to clients searching for your specialty.

Online directories don’t only help you attract more clients. They also help you build relationships with other medical professionals. The professional associations you build this way will have many benefits. Like getting referrals from other medical professionals.

Go Virtual With Tele-Coaching

More businesses are implementing tele-counseling into their offerings. Tele-Coaching is a secure, video-based coaching session you can do from anywhere.

It can help you avoid canceled appointments, reschedules, and no-shows. And increase the number of clients you can serve.

Our own Tele-Coaching platform is HIPPA/HITECH-compliant and very easy to use.

What Next?

If you add these strategies to your business, you’ll be doing more than most other business. Your business will grow and you’ll attract more new clients.

Give us a call if you have any questions or are ready to get started. Our website specialists are more than glad to help.


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