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3 Simple Ways to Attract More Clients In 2018

You’re already busy running your business, and now you have to keep up with online marketing?

Most clients find your business online through a search engine. A business website is essential or your business will essentially be invisible.

Build an online presence isn’t even close to impossible. Here are three simple ways you can help more clients find your business in 2018.

Build a Business Website

A quality website makes clients more likely to contact your business, and revisit your website in future.

There are many options when choosing a design for your business website. But there are three things all websites should have.

Use Responsive Design

Most people will come to your website on a mobile device, like a smartphone. Older websites don’t load well on mobile devices. If clients can’t load your website on their smartphone, they might go somewhere else.

Create High-Quality Content

People use the web to solve problems. Build high-quality content on your website. Doing this will turn you into your clients’ go-to source when they have a problem to solve.

Prominent Business Information

The purpose of a website is for clients to contact you. So make sure that your contact information (Name, Address, and Phone Number) is right at the top of the page.

Keep In Touch With Social Media

Social media helps you promote your business to prospective clients. And keep in touch with existing ones.

You’ll need to decide which social media channel is best for your clients. If in doubt, build a Facebook page. It has the highest number of regular users. You can build a Facebook business page to share updates, links, and useful content.

You might also want to consider Twitter. It moves faster than Facebook and the users are more savvy and engaged.

“Therapists Near Me”

Have you ever done a search like “coffee near me”?

That’s called local search. And local search is one of the most common ways for clients to search for your business.

Make sure your business is ready by listing your business on Google My Business. Once you’ve created a local listing for your business, check it often. Especially for new reviews.

Encourage your clients to leave feedback, and respond to negative and positive reviews. Positive reviews improve your business’s visibility. And increase the likelihood that prospective clients will contact your business.

Ready to Get Started?

There are dozens of strategies you can use to market your business online. But these three simple strategies are ones you can start using right away.

And if you don’t have time to implement these on your own, contact us for more information. We can help you grow your business and you can focus on your clients.


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