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Creating A Multi-Practitioner Site

Does your practice have more than one health care professional? If you are using a single website to represent multiple professionals working at the same business, then your particular challenge is to present information about both the practice and the people involved in a way that is organized and easily understood by your website visitors. Here are two suggestions for methods that you might use:

1) Create A Single “About Us” Page That Describes Each Professional

This page can be used to describe your practice generally, in greater detail than your home page. The home page of any business’s site serves as an introduction to the site and the business, while a page with a title like “About Us” gives more specific information. You can present information such as: the length of time that the practice has been in business, number of professionals, interesting accomplishments or attributes, and specialties offered. The page could then go on to describe each individual in the practice, with a paragraph describing each person and their portrait within or next to the text.

If there are several practitioners featured in the page, here is something you can do so that it is easy for site visitors to navigate to a particular person’s info: create links near the top of the page representing practitioner names which can be clicked to take the viewer to the appropriate section.

Your site’s page for contact information might be titled “Contact Us” and list the contact information (email address, phone number, fax number…) for each professional. To be sure that the contact information is found, a link from the “About Us” description of each individual could link to this page or the information could be presented in both places.

If you would like to present more information than one paragraph for each person, we suggest that you use another format…

2) Each Professional is Featured in Their Own Page

With this scenario, the “About Us” or similarly-titled page describes the practice. In this case however, each professional’s information would be featured in a distinct page titled for the individual. So, a page “Dr. John Doe” could describe John Doe’s bio, qualifications, and specialties. A page “Dr. Jane Doe” could describe those of Jane Doe. If you do not feel that an “About Us” page would add any information about the practice not already in the home page or another page, then you could do away with that page entirely and title each professional’s page “About Dr. John Doe,” etc.

For this case, content of the description page for each individual could link to a “Contact Us” page with the detailed contact information. It is recommended to feature a contact page someplace on the site, even if the contact information is also presented in each professional’s page, so that the information is easy to find.

Because search engines treat any web page as a unique destination, an advantage of this method is that it will be easier for a search engine user to get to the information about a practitioner whose name they are searching. If they reach the page for a particular professional, the page will be all about that person and the searcher will not have to further search in the page for the info.

We Make This Easy

With a little customization, you can easily set up your CoachingWebsites website to represent multiple practitioners! The content included with each website template is a suggestion, intended to give you a starting point. You can change page titles, content of pages, or even remove/add pages altogether so that the site presents all of the information you feel is important and nothing that is unnecessary. All of this can be done any time and all you need is a website browser with Internet access. At CoachingWebsites, you can try a demo of the service for free and our Customer Support would be happy to walk you through this process. Just give us a call!

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