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Make Twitter Work for You

Make Twitter Work for You
Like all social media platforms, Twitter has its own rules and acceptable practices. If you want Twitter to work for you, you have to fly high and tweet often. But it’s not as difficult as you might think. Use these helpful tips to help you tweet your way to the most followers on Twitter.

A Few Twitter Basics
In Twitter’s “Intro to Twitter for Business“, Twitter is called the place where “people connect with their passions, share their opinions, and find out what’s happening in the world right now.” Businesses can leverage the power of Twitter to:

  • Discover real-time activity within their industries
  • Increase brand awareness
  • Provide client support and service
  • Connect with a successful community of potential followers

A few basics you’ll need to know before you get started are:

  • Tweet: A 140-character (or less) post that can also contain links, photos or videos.
  • Reply: A response to a tweet.
  • Retweet: Sharing someone else’s tweet.
  • Like: A way to acknowledge a tweet or bookmark a tweet for later use.
  • Hashtag: A word or phrase without spaces starting with the # symbol; can be used as an organization tool.
  • Mention: A method of bringing a tweet to someone’s attention by including their @username in the tweet. Can be used for engagement.

Now that you know the basics, here’s how you can leverage your Twitter presence to gain success for your practice.

Build Your Nest in the Right Community
It’s not just potential clients that you find on social media; Twitter is full of vendors, brand advocates, industry thought leaders, business partners and professional organizations, not to mention social media influencers. Place your practice in the minds of a vast community of support for your brand by finding and interacting with like-minded individuals, practices and organizations, and clients will flock to you.

Listen to the Songs of Other Birds
You don’t want to copy exactly what your competition is doing, but it certainly can’t hurt to see what their strategy is. Look at aspects of competitor campaigns such as client interactions and the type of content your competitors share. Use that information to craft your own campaign and content to reach potential health care clients and build your relationships with existing ones.

Follow Where Your Feathered Friends Fly
On Facebook you “friend” people, but on Twitter you “follow” people. To build relationships, follow pertinent individuals in your community. Check to make sure that the people and organizations you follow have followed you back. This increases the chances that they’ll retweet your posts and spread your brand.

Hear a Happy Song with #Hashtags
Hashtags (pound signs if you’re a little older than a millennial) are Twitter’s way of helping people find people and things. You can hashtag just about anything you want, but the best part is you can engage your audience, conduct free and impromptu research, and analyze the current market. Consider the following tactics with hashtag campaigns:

  • Ask a question
  • Get to know your clients
  • Advertise an event
  • Hold a contest
  • Offer a special deal or discount

Flaunt Your Feathers Proudly
Twitter is a place where your business can take flight, but you want to be consistent in your interactions. Showcase your brand by keeping your Twitter profile theme consistent with your website theme and other social media platforms so people can find you easily.

Twitter is a great place to keep an eye on the industry, stay updated, pitch special offers, capitalize on real-time market interactions and identify client pain points. To see how easy it can be to integrate Twitter with your online presence, contact TherapySites today. We’re here to help you succeed.


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