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Social Media Marketing for Coaches: A Brief Overview

Having a social media page for your business can help you connect and build trust with clients. It can also expand your business in ways that you might not be able to with a website alone.

We’ve written a few brief tips, along with our best resources, for using social media in your coaching business.

Connect Facebook and Your Website

Make sure to display your Facebook page on your business website. Where clients can see and click it.

Social media is an important way to communicate with clients. We don’t share anything that violates privacy, but there are many valuable topics to explore.

Build Your Network with Helpful Content

You can use social media to build a large network of new clients and referrals. And give a space for current clients to share about their experience with your business. Clients can do this on the reviews section of your social media page.

Another way to build your network is to include social sharing buttons on your blog articles. This makes it easy for people to promote your content within their own networks.

Ready to Learn More?

Do you want to learn more about how social media can improve your business? We’ve included a list of our best articles about social media below. Click to read them.

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Visit these sites to start exploring. And if you have any questions, contact us and we’d be glad to help.


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